Zippy Car


$ 39.95 


The mini car toy has 4 unique play modes; Escape, Follow, Line Tracer, Remote Control mods for ages 5+ kids to explore, play & learn! It promotes hand-eye coordination & cause-and-effect training and enhances spatial awareness & awareness skills. USB car charging & music feature turn on/off!

  • CAPE MODE: The magic toy car uses its sensors to avoid obstacles. When switching to the avoidance mode, the little smart car will avoid and run away from any objects, hand or ball for instance, in front (7-8 IN) or on the top (6 IN) toward itself... catch it if you can! 
  • FOLLOW MODE: The cute toy vehicle uses its sensors to follow movement. In chase mode, the race car will follow any objects in front of itself. Children can show little hands in front of the car to let it follow, and the car will automatically hit the ball when it is stopped! A very special interactive toy car that brings kids a lot of fun!
  • LINE TRACER MODE: The inductive car will follow any black line you draw. In the detect mode, light sensors help the tracer car follow the line on the included marker track map. You can also use plain white paper & draw line & patterns on to make your own tracks so Zippy Car will follow your instruction. Great educational STEAM toy for kids!
  • REMOTE CONTROL MODE: Play the RC car with small hand friendly remote. Fast moving with various actions: moving forward & back up, turning left & right, and 360 degree rotation! A perfect RC car toy holiday / birthday / Christmas gift for boys & girls!
  • Ages 5+