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A clever take on crossword creation, Zip-It lovely letter cubes accommodate spelling well and solid letter cubes feel good to the touch! The ultimate travel game to generate fun in quick moments in between here and there (one hand can be played in as little as 20 seconds), and make lengthy, blah intervals seem shorter. Players use 24 beautiful ivory-like letter cubes to form their own crossword grid using ANY side of the cubes. The first player to use ALL their own cubes calls "ZIP!" and scores a point by moving their own zip up the pouch scale. The first person to score 10 points shouts "ZIP-IT!!" and wins the game! Zip-It stores neatly and compactly in a high quality cloth bag. (As for the zipper scoring method... zip-a-dee-doo-dah, well done!) Want to become a REAL whiz a word games? Of course you do. Zip-It includes a complimentary WEORDS Dictionary - The list of weird words sure to make you the all-time champion of word games! Race to form your own crossword grid using ANY side of the cubes 24 beautiful ivory-like letter cubes Everything you need is in the bag! No pencil, paper or board needed! Unique self-scoring zippers on a high quality cloth pouch Includes complimentary WEORDS Dictionary -weird words that win word games! Play anytime, anywhere! ZIP-IT is the NEXT BIG THING for games on the go!