Vickie Purple Bunny Soft

478 Douglas Co.

$ 21.99 

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Dressed in a sophisticated shade of lavender, Vickie the Soft Bunny stuffed animal is an appealing and imaginative friend! This darling lop-eared rabbit featured a posable body style that can be arranged to lie down or sit up. We’ve taken care to select velvety soft fabrics to line her ears and enhance the undersides of her paws, while plush fur in a subdued purple color boasts a luxurious feel that will prove irresistible. Vickie’s floppy ears and large, dark eyes will pluck at your heartstrings and beg for you to take her into your arms for snuggles and hugs. Her flocked pink nose and fluffy tail add further charm. Make this sweet Bunny yours and Vickie’s winsome personality and scrumptious pastel color will bring cheer to your day!