Veterinary Science

425 Poof-Slinky

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Scientific Explorer Veterinary science teaches kids what it takes to become a Veterinary Physician and the work that they preform for animals. Simulate Veterinary x-ray and sonograms with red and blue lenses that reveal the insides of animals on 4 different posters. Close-up wounds and cuts with the soft plastic suture training skin, plastic surgical tweezers, needle and thread. Create a cat anatomy poster with paper parts, mold a plaster pup and learn how to make casts for broken bones. Mix and make Gelly ticks. Learn about the 4 Common types of ticks and which ones can cause illness. Includes 4 animal posters, red x-ray lens, blue sonogram lens, suture skin, plastic needle, plastic tweezers scissors, nylon thread (72in/183cm), cat anatomy poster with fold out sheets, dog mold, 2 plaster powder (7.05/200G each), Muslin fabric, Gelly tick mold, gelatin (0.352oz/10G), beaker, stir stick and instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.