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The turkey is endemic to North America, covering much of the eastern half of the United States and adjacent Canada and parts of central Mexico. While wild turkey is popular to hunt for food in the United States, the domestic turkey that is the source of most commercial production is descended from a Mexican subspecies. Domestication first occurred over 2,000 years ago, but is believed to have occurred more than once from wild stock. It is often taught that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the National bird instead of the bald eagle! This belief comes from a letter he penned to his daughter that, when the first design of the National Seal was proposed, the eagle depicted looked more like a turkey (undoubtedly a jab to the artist and not the bird). And while he did criticize the nomination of the bald eagle, his suggestion of making the turkey our National bird was sarcastic in nature and it was never formally proposed. Roughly 3" tall, plastic.