Sweetie Rainbow Bunny Mini Soft

478 Douglas Co.

$ 13.99 


Awash in a rainbow of pastel colors, Sweetie the Mini Soft Bunny stuffed animal is a treat for the senses! Soft to the touch and posable for play, this adorable lop-eared Rabbit will prove to be an imaginative companion for the young and young at heart. Her inquisitive, dark eyes will follow you around the room while she’s sitting up, but lie her down and she’ll happily stretch out in a luxurious way and invite you to cuddle up with her and do the same. A little, pink nose and oversized paws are what you’d expect from any Rabbit, but Sweetie delivers that and so much more with her irresistible softness and enchanting color palette. Treat yourself or a loved one to plush Rainbow Bunny today!