Leisure Learning

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Super Mind provides hours of fascinating fun by challenging children

to think for themselves. Children need time alone, time for developing

independence, self expression and accomplishing tasks which are

rewarding and build self-confidence. Parents and teachers are amazed

when they watch their children become absorbed with this Super Mind

activity. Children succeed without competitive pressures. It's a favorite

children's activity in 17 countries around the world. Mighty Mind has

the distinction of being an original winner of the Parents' Choice award

and has been nominated 4 times by Parenting Magazine to the Toy Hall

of Fame. With Mighty Mind, kids love the challenge of solving puzzles,

because the programmed sequence of the picture patterns very gently

leads them to success.


32 Wood, or Plastic Design Tiles,

in 6 Basic Geometric Shapes,

in 4 Colors,

in Large and Small Sizes,

Storage Tray,

30 Puzzle Frames