Super Fubbles Bubble Wand

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FubblesSuper Bubble Wand makes it easier than ever to blow GIANT bubbles!! Simply dip the wand into the bubble tray with bubble solution, wave your arm through the air or blow through the wand. Watch as giant bubbles flow into the sky! After you've blown a giant bubble, just give your wrist a flip to close the hinged bubble hoop, and the wand will re-coat itself with more bubble solution! No more dipping in between each bubbles - this wand will blow over a dozen BIG bubbles before it requires re-dipping. Each Fubbles Super Bubble Wand comes with an extra-large dip tray and 8 fl oz of premium bubble solution. Available in two color styles: orange/green, pink/green. Recommended for ages 3+. Actual product size out of package: wand is 17.5" L and 8.5" in diameter.