Sticker Suncatchers

0134 Faber-Castell USA

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Decorate 5 sun catchers with this easy classic art and craft activity! Add colors to your sun catcher with translucent stickers for less mess and more fun. Creativity for Kids’ sticker suncatchers are perfect for preschoolers! This no mess sticker art set comes with everything you need to get started. Sticker catchers includes 5 Woodland animal templates ready to decorate and display! This complete craft comes with everything you need. Hang your finished suncatchers with the included suction cups. Sticker sun catchers is a fun craft activity The fosters learning and self-expression. Play and explore with colors and shapes! Preschoolers can practice color and shape recognition, develop fine motor skills and foster creativity with a no-mess activity. Foster creativity and independence in your child as they create a unique suncatcher. This craft is easy to do with great results. Simple enough that Your young crafter can complete with little to no help. Your child will be proud to say it was “just made by me”! sticker suncatchers are the perfect travel friendly sticker art and craft activity. Layer translucent stickers in a variety of shapes to make different colors and patterns – perfect for practicing fine motor skills. Its fun to craft together! Great for groups, take sticker sun catchers to your next small group gathering. With everything you need to decorate and display 5 sun catchers, this is the perfect take along craft for a birthday party, sleepover, girl or boy Scout activity and more! This unique craft activity makes the perfect gift for the art and craft loving girl or boy. Create sun catchers that you can give as handmade gifts to friends, or display all 5 together to decorate your room. Add sticker sun catchers to any glass surface with the included clear suction cups. Decorate your windows, mirrors and more! Sticker sun catchers is a kid-friendly craft! Decorate acetate woodland animal shapes with stickers – Approximate size of each suncatcher is 4.3 x 4.7 inches. Sticker sun catchers are recommended for ages 4+. childhood creativity lasts a lifetime! Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly designed carefully Crafted, quality products designed to enrich the lives of your children through creativity and self-expression. Our arts and craft kits are designed to inspire and nurture creativity and confidence for life.