Spin Sort & Pop Spaceship

0153 TOMY

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Sort & Pop Spinning UFO is a friendly alien who's fun for all. Toddlers will love finding a home for each unique piece– either by learning to match the bright, bold colors, or by matching the different shapes to their colorful homes. The fun doesn’t stop there. Pressing down on the friendly-faced UFO sets it spinning like a top. As it goes whirling round, little ones will be delighted when the shapes come popping out! You never know how many times he’ll spin around before the parts all pop off, but finding out is the fun part. Before you know it, they'll be ready to start sorting all over again.
  • A shape-sorting UFO with a delightful surprise
  • Sorting the 5 different colored shapes into their correct places on the UFO helps develop both color and shape recognition
  • Push down to make the UFO spin and rise and watch the shapes pop and soar for a fun surprise
  • When you’re ready, spin again – you never know when it will pop!
  • Sorting the shapes develops problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination
  • The chunky pieces and spinning top all have safe, rounded edges, perfectly designed for little hands to hold