Sparkle N' Grow Butterfly Terrarium

0134 Faber-Castell USA

$ 16.99 


Create your own live habitat with the Creativity for Kids Butterfly Terrarium! This complete arts and craft kit allows you to craft, plant, water and grow your own beautiful butterfly terrarium. Whether you have a budding botanist, an aspiring artist or both, this activity combines indoor gardening and creativity for the perfect STEAM experience - combining both the wonder of science and the fun of art and self expression. Experience the wonder of nature as you create your own mini ecosystem! Assemble, decorate and watch your butterfly terrarium grow! This garden kit for kids is great for all year creating and gardening indoors - just keep your terrarium watered and leave by a window with ample sunlight. Quick grow wheat grass seeds can sprout in 3-4 days making this the perfect gardening activity for kids. Your child will learn beneficial skills with the Butterfly Terrarium. Develop nurturing skills as you care for your terrarium daily and patience as you wait for sprouts to grow! Build confidence, encourage independence and self expression as your budding botanist builds their terrarium that's easy enough to complete themselves. (Recommended for ages 6 - 96). Decorate your garden with butterfly wings, sparkling stickers, feather butterflies, flowers and more. Quick grow chia and wheat grass seeds sprout in 3 to 4 days. This complete butterfly craft activity comes with everything needed for two separate plant life cycles! The perfect unique gift for girls and boys - just add water for a little indoor gardening magic any time of year. This butterfly gardening kit includes 5" H x 3 ¼" W plastic, shatterproof jar, decorative lid, potting mix, chia and wheat grass seeds, plant Mister and butterfly craft accessories. Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly created safe, innovative arts and craft products for girls and boys that meet or exceed U.S. safety standards as determined by independent laboratory testing.