Solar System Puzzle

596 Hape IntL

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The sun brings light to all the planets around it. Explore the planets and moons of our solar system and then return safely back to earth. Learn more about our solar system with this out-of-this-world puzzle featuring solid-wood planet pieces, a glowing LED sun, and a poster with all the planet names.

The sun, featuring an LED light, can be positioned at the center of the puzzle and the planets can be positioned on top of the puzzle. This is a fun puzzle toy that includes a double-sided poster with extra facts on the solar system.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

A perfect gift set for kids five years and up, this puzzle toy is great for developing hand-eye coordination, matching, fine motor, and problem-solving skills. Hape's Solar System Puzzle has beautiful full-color illustrations of the planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. This wooden planet puzzle toy encourages kids to think cosmically. The detailed original artwork will help them learn about the solar system and the names of the planets while promoting curiosity and a sense of exploration.

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