Softee Dough Dino Neon Dough


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Press, moule and create the incredible dinosaurs with this incredible ensemble of clay with neon color Cra-Z-Art!

It's safe and reusable: the modeler's paste is non-toxic, soft and recyclable, thanks to the pots with lids that will keep their properties
Values: jouet qui develope fine motor skills, manual skills and encourage imagination and creativity.

Children with the help of the modeler learn the manual skills of the children, so that they can continue the modeler and continue with their main skills and fear for creating the figures, and here, on their tour, they stimulate their senses of the toucher. Furthermore, as the start of a DIY kit for children that allows them to create dinosaurs and mold the mold into a thousand different shapes, it boosts their creativity and imagination. More than ever, using the saw blades or the cutter also develops fine motor skills