SM-Loading Luke


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ids can get their work done on the double with the SmartMax Loading Luke Magnetic Toy. It is a fun blue truck with a yellow trailer that features a pull-back mechanism. When the wheels are dragged back on the floor, you can simply let go and watch it speed across the room. The vehicle toy offers fun and stimulates creativity and imagination as little ones load, transport and unload cargo. It is compatible with all SmartMax sets (each is sold separately), allowing kids to create and expand as they learn about magnetic construction. The SmartMax toy is made with the highest-quality materials and is durable and completely safe. This SmartMax vehicle is carefully designed to meet and exceed the world's toughest safety requirements. For example, the SmartMax Loading Luke Magnetic Toy features giant-sized, non-swallowable 1.8" diameter metal balls and inaccessible magnets encased in specially sonic-welded bars.