Skate Park

225 Lego

$ 52.99 

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Build an extreme skatepark and an off-road truck!

It's a hot day at the local skatepark as the skateboarder, BMX rider, and wheelchair athlete each try to one-up each other on the ramps and the teeter-totter.

Send the skateboarder launching off of the ramp and grinding along the ledge. Launch the BMX rider off of the teeter-totter and into a jaw-dropping flip. Send the wheelchair athlete up the quarter pipe to do a hand-stand on the railing.

"Whew, I'm thirsty after all those extreme stunts!"

Just in time, the truck pulls up to deliver a six-pack of sports drinks for everyone to enjoy!

Complete with versatile road plates designed to be combined with other LEGO City sets, the LEGO City Skate Park is the adrenaline-boosting adventure your growing metropolis needs.