Seaside Multi-Activity Kit


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Complete set of 6 creative activities and numerous projects on the theme of the sea: collage, coloring, mosaics, cutting, assembly, and transfers. There is something for everyone! Hours of manual activities to discover different creative techniques. All the accessories are provided so that children can engage in any activity, following their own wishes and curiosity. A booklet with step-by-step descriptions of each step will guide them in their creations.

• 6 activities to discover: collage, coloring, mosaics, cutting, assembly, and transfers.
• Everything is supplied. Tested and quality controlled.
• Tons of projects for hours of creativity!
• An explanatory booklet in color with pictures only.
• Several children can create together. Perfect for birthdays or for the schoolroom.
• Develops dexterity, manipulation, precision, and creativity.
• Learning about colors, shapes, sizes, and volume.
• FSC Certified (Mix)

• Gluing: 1 illustrated card (8.27" x 11.02"), 2 pre-cut thick cardboard sheets, 6 pompoms, 2 googly eyes, 1 tube of glue.
• Coloring: 2 illustrated cards (8.27" x 11.02"), 1 sheet of stickers, 3 double-ended wax crayons (6 colors).
• Decoupage: 4 illustrated sheets (8.27" x 11.02"), 1 pair of safety scissors, 8 googly eyes.
• Mosaics: 2 thick, shaped boards (8.27" x 11.02"), 3 sheets of metallic foam mosaic stickers.
• Rub-on transfers: 1 large illustrated card (11.02" x 24.80"), 2 transfer sheets.
• Towers: 3 sheets of illustrated and pre-cut thick cardboard, 1 sheet of stickers (8.27" x 11.02").