Scrunchie Design-Neon Tie Dye Kit

873 Fashion Angels

$ 15.99 

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We love this throwback 90's Hair Accessory Make 6 totally adorbs tie dyed scrunchies with this kit. Perfect for the crafter who loves the latest fashion accessories.See more#descriptionSeeMoreLess .a-icon-extender-expand, #descriptionSeeMoreLess .a-icon-extender-collapse {display: none;}

  • THE ULTIMATE FASHION THROWBACK - Relive the 90s with this perfect hair accessory throwback. A truly iconic fashion accessory, the scrunchie is fun, timeless, comfy, and a great hair tie for all seasons and ages.
  • SHEER NYLON SCRUNCHIE FABRIC - This kit includes 6 pre tie dyed scrunchies that look store bought when finished. Perfect as bracelets too! Great activity with friends.
  • HAIR CRAFT FOR GIRLS - The Fashion Angels DIY scrunchie set for girls empower young ladies to create handmade accessories. This makes their belongings more personal, valuable, and memorable because of the experience and adds a cool story about their own accessories, as well.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR TEENS & CHILDREN - This scrunchie set is a great gift for kids and tweens who like to DIY stuff and make accessories on their own. Tweens and VSCO girls will also love expressing their style and aesthetic with the neon tie dye scrunchies.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - 6 pre-tie dyed sheer nylon scrunchie fabric & elastic to make 6 scrunchies. Bonus Item: Unicorn pop-up brush with mirror. Full instructions included!