Breyer Sable Island Horse

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Sable Island Horse
Off of Canada’s eastern coast lies Sable Island. Accessible only by air and sea, the crescent-shaped island is known for being the home of the world’s largest breeding colony of grey seals, and the Sable Island horses.
The precise origin of these feral horses is unknown, but they likely are descendants of horses that were brought to the island for grazing in the 1700s. Pony-sized at only 13-14hh, the typical Sable Island horse has a dark-colored solid coat, narrow but deep-chested body, strong legs, and long mane and tail. The treeless island offers harsh living conditions, but freshwater ponds and marram grass sustain the population, which historically ranges from 200-500 horses. Sable Island horses were declared the provincial horse of Nova Scotia in 2008. The island officially became the Sable Island National Park Reserve in 2013, forever protecting these horses and their island’s unique ecosystem.