S9R Sport Sedan - Blue


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This 2008 Limited Edition S9-R Sport Sedan is a souped up version of the already hot S9 sedan. The S9-R rides lower to the ground on larger, more aggressive wheels with ultra low profile tires. Front and rear blocks, unique to the S9-R, have been reworked to accept an aggressive front splitter and purposeful rear diffusor. A large front air intake and deeply sculpted side skirts direct air under and around this hot machine.

Reduced to 3 blocks, instead of the 4 body blocks of the standard S9, the S9-R's elongated center and rear blocks enhance customization of other Automoblox models. A deep blue hue complements the aggressive styling. Two color emblems and fully branded center caps cap off this limited model. Fully interchangeable with other Automoblox models.

Constructed of highest quality wood with details that send the heart speeding. Take apart wooden pieces allow for creative achievement and 5 spoke wheels. Ages 3+

Warning- small parts not for children under 3