Rock Beast


$ 12.99 

The Rock Beast from schleich® ELDRADOR® Creatures has adapted perfectly to life in the Stone World. It races at lightning speed over the rugged terrain on its powerful hind hoofs and strikes fear into its enemies with razor-sharp claws. An armored neck protects against attacks and the four horns made of magical crystal turn enemies into rock pillars!
  • A real hard chunk: the rock beast from Schleich Eldrador Creatures lives in the inaccessible, rugged mountains of the stone world. Their front legs feature strong and razor-sharp claws that allow them to easily climb steep rocks. Your poisonous green eyes do not miss the smallest movement - which is why every intruder immediately gets into the visor of the dangerous individual.
  • Once the enemy is discovered, the rock beast takes up the pursuit. When it comes to battle, the unbelievable four-legged friend is well prepared: his neck is ultra-strong armoured and can withstand any even such violent attack. But that's not enough: On his head there are four horns made of magical crystal that can become enemies as a danger - one touch of these green sparkling horns is enough to make an opponent rock solid.
  • The rock beast can smash stones with its teeth. Really tasty, it does not find the rubble.
  • The Schleich figures are modelled in detail and stand for educational play.
  • The item belongs to the theme world of Eldrador Creatures and is suitable for children aged 7-12 years.