Breyer Pony Power

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Their size and gentle temperament make Welsh ponies popular mounts for children. The Welsh pony breed has four sections: Welsh mountain pony (a), Welsh pony (B), Welsh pony of COB Type (C), and Welsh cob (D). larger section C and D ponies can be seen competing in dressage, evening, and driving. Set includes 3 Welsh ponies: Buckskin stallion, liver Chestnut mare, and bay foal. Also includes: water trough, water bucket, 6 pieces of fencing, and carrots. brayer freedom Series celebrates everything there is to love about horses! At Breyer, we believe horses inspire us like no other animal in the world. Every horse is always hand-painted and 100% unique.  No two Breyers are exactly alike! Welcome to a world of pure freedom – where you can have a real horse of your very own. The freedom Series (formally known as classics) are Breyer most realistic models for young collectors. Designed in 1: 12 scale of the same quality materials as Breyer Traditional Series models, they feature authentic hand-painted details for the realistic look that kids want. With contemporary accessories, barns, and riders, young horse lovers will enjoy the true-to-life experience during active role play! Age 4+. about Breyer: the Breyer promise - the Breyer “promise” is the commitment we make to you, Our fans. With Breyer, you are getting a real horse of your very own. Whether a traditional best-seller or brand new product, every Breyer Horse is created by hand, under the watchful eye of the world's leading equine experts. Our commitment to high quality material and hand crafting mean that just like in nature, No two Breyer models are exactly alike. Because nothing is as magical as having a horse of your very own. Quite simply, we want to help everyone discover how inspiring horses can be.