Plant a Pizza Garden

0134 Faber-Castell USA

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Yum! Are you ready to plant a pizza? Combine crafting and gardening with this pizza garden kit. Includes 4 seed packs - plant basil, peppers, oregano, and tomatoes. All seeds are non-gmo. Start your plants with our GROW light, or indoors by a window and once these savory pizza essentials sprout, transport them outside or into a bigger pot. This is a great STEAM experience for your children that combines the fun of crafting with the science of learning. Learn how to nurture your garden from seed germination through harvest, then turn your tomatoes, peppers and herbs into a tasty homemade pizza - recipe included! This kit contains everything you need to start your very own garden - no additional items necessary! Kit includes 4 seed packs, planting trays, potting mix, stickers and more! Garden tray measures 10.5" diameter x 1.25" height. Great for ages 6 to 96.