Pink Saspphire Turtle


$ 19.99 


You can spot the crystal turtle's friendly nature right away. Or would those gorgeous big eyes with the silky, long eyelashes lie? It can swim skillfully through the sea and glide through the waves in Meamare. When it comes ashore, the sparkling rhinestones really stand out on its body. So pretty!

  • FUN, IMAGINATIVE DESIGN. Get the gears of play purring with this whimsical creature.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Made with sturdy, long-lasting materials, and a sprinkling of magic.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. SCHLEICH toys are famous worldwide – and throughout magical kingdoms – for their intricate details.
  • MAGICAL GIFTS FOR KIDS. Imagine the squeals of delight when they open a gift and see a colorful pink sapphire turtle toy.