Pens Glow In The Dark


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  • THE ORIGINAL GLOW STARS: The Original Glowstars Company has been lighting up our nights for more than 30 years with the original stickers that first brought glow-in-the-dark wall décor to kids bedrooms. Use the pens on your drawings to add glow in the dark highlights
  • PREMIER QUALITY: All Glowstars shapes are of the highest quality and perfect for decorating your child's bedroom, playroom, bikes, lunch box, school folders, furniture etc.
  • BRINGING BEDROOMS TO LIFE: Create a stunning display for the day then at night the shapes produce a gentle glow - a portrait of the night's sky! Expose to a light source for a few minutes, turn the lights off and watch it glow. Easy to use squeezable pens.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The Original Glowstars Glow-in-the-Dark Colored Markers set comes with 2 x 10 mL markers.