Ornaments Sparkling 3D Wonder Paint

0134 Faber-Castell USA

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This complete holiday craft kit for girls and boys includes everything for a fun family or friends crafting experience. With six kid-safe, shatterproof ornaments, It is a wonderful way to provide a little festive flair no matter the season or the occasion. Sparkling 3D wonder paint will add an extra dimension to your design to make them pop. We even provide you with festive holiday patterns to give each ornament a seasonally inspired look. Create your own designs to reflect your creativity and individuality. Ribbon, too by loops and snow Foam pellets allow you to make all six ornaments unique. Give them away as gifts or add them all to your favorite holiday display for a cool, merry look. You may have extra paint left over, and that is okay! You can use the sparkling 3D wonder paint on glass surfaces like mirrors or windows to add a cheerful touch to the room. Add your completed custom window clings to decorate your holiday space with some custom creations. Feel free to use our seasonal patterns or create a design that is truly your own. Complete ornament making craft kit includes: 6 clear, shatter-proof ornaments in three sizes, 5 tubes of 3D wonder paint, 1 tube of pearly white 3D wonder paint, 4 feet of metallic organza ribbon, 5 feet or metallic too by loops, snow Foam pellets and plastic project sheets. This Christmas Ornament making kit features non-toxic craft materials and shatterproof ornaments, making it a kid-friendly craft! Recommended for ages 6+.