Neon Tie Dye Fashion Design Super Set

873 Fashion Angels

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Become a Tie Dye expert without the mess! Not only does this kit include all of the tools and dye needed, it even includes a tank top, scrunchies, headband, pair of socks and laces to dye! Mom's will appreciate the fact that the dye in pre-measured in the squeeze bottles, just add water and you are ready to go. This fashion design super set includes a reusable dyeing tub and the tools to create 6 DIY tie dye projects. Details: Includes assorted colors For age 8 and up Contents: 7 plastic squeeze bottles of dye colors (no mess just add water!) (0.37 oz. / 10.5 g) 2 scrunchies 1 one-size-fits-most tank top 1 headband 1 pair of socks 1 pair of laces 1 pair of non-latex gloves Reusable dyeing tub Instructions