Naboo Starfighter


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Take to the skies above Naboo in the Naboo Starfighter!

Filled with swamps, grassy plains and vast underground oceans, Naboo plays an important role in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Naboo deploys the sleek Naboo starfighter‰ۡóÁÌ_́Ì_å£í«̴å¢ to defend itself against the clutches of the Trade Federation. Set includes an accurate model of Naboo, a Naboo pilot minifigure, a Naboo Starfighter mini-model, a blaster and a display stand with name plaque.

Includes 1 minifigure: Naboo pilot
Features Naboo planet, Naboo Starfighter‰ۡóÁÌ_́Ì_å£í«̴å¢ mini-model and blaster
Vehicle and minifigure display stand with plaque also included
Hang your planet from the ceiling!
Naboo planet diameter over 3‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_? (9cm)
Naboo Starfighter measures over 4‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_? (12cm) long