Mousetrap Racer

426 Toysmith

$ 16.99 


4M Mousetrap Racer from KidzLabs. Transform the power of a mousetrap to power this cool race car you build! Once assembled, the Mousetrap Racer can zoom over 15 meters-that’s 50 feet-with just a spring and a stream. No need for parents to worry about batteries! The aspiring scientist and engineer will soon discover how powerful a coiled spring can be and understand simple elastic energy. The fun does not stop there, enlist family and to come up with other “wheels”. Will the Mousetrap racer go further or faster when the wheels are replaced with old CD’s? The step-by-step illustrated instructions make assembly a breeze. The fun facts help with understanding how many everyday items use a spring for energy. Check out all the KidzLabs kits to reinforce what your child is learning at school, or as a resource for homeschooling curriculum. 4M educational toys cover a wide range of subjects and each toy is creative, imaginative, inspiring—and most of all fun! INCLUDED IN KIT: Front baseplate (narrow) with spring and wire frame installed, rear baseplate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed, adhesive foam, screws (12), set arm cap case (base and cover), set arm holder case (base and cover, short axle, string, small wheels (4), connecting rods, (2), winding arm, large wheels (4), sticker sheet. ADDITIONAL ITEMS NEEDED: Small Phillips head screwdriver and additional “wheels” if desired.