Mini Sequin Pets: Norbert The Narwhal

0134 Faber-Castell USA

$ 12.99 

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Introducing our newest sensory plush toy! Flip sequin mini pets, 5 friends to choose from - Elephant, Narwhal, unicorn, dinosaur, hippopotamus. Sequin mini pets are the perfect travel friendly plush toy to take with you wherever you go! Similar to writing in sand, the fun flipping sequins on these mini pets provide many sensory benefits. This Super soft Narwhal plush toy offers hours of sensory play with reversible colored sequins that provide both visual and tactile benefits. Norbert is a weighted plush companion to take with you wherever you go! Norbert the Narwhal sensory toy is kid-tested and safe! Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly created safe, innovative products that meet or exceed U.S. Safety standards as determined by independent Laboratory testing. Recommended for ages 5 to 95. Collect all 5 sequin mini pets and have a plush toy tea party or share with your friends! These unique sensory toys are available in 5 friends: Norbert the Narwhal, dazzle the dinosaur, hope the hippopotamus, sprinkles the unicorn and twinkles the Elephant.