$ 8.99 

What you see is a brightly colored face. But look beyond"...what do you see? A wild jungle teeming with life? A wise sage to guide your little lion cub? The mandrill is a monkey, a friend, and a vibrant character in your most vivid play stories.
  • BRING HOME THE WILD TO YOUR CHILD - The Mandrill Monkey figure ensures a high attention to detail for an authentic and realistic look, capturing the colorful spirit of this rainforest creature. This toy figurine is a valuable addition to any toy collection for endless play.
  • EXPLORE THE UNTAMED WORLD OF WILDLIFE - The Mandrill Monkey toy from Schleich is designed for safe and creative pretend play. Unleash your child's imagination with endless storytelling possibilities.
  • GIVE CHILDREN THE GIFT OF MAGIC AND WONDER - The Mandrill Monkey is part of the Wild Life collection of figurines and playsets from Schleich. It's a great gift item that can stand alone or fit into a larger, modular play world.