Magnificent Mars Expedition

1036 Thames & Kosmos

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Pepper mint's adventures continue, this time in space! In this story-based STEM kit, Our creative young heroine goes on a mission to the red Planet, making all sorts of out-of-this-world scientific discoveries along the way. As you read the story, you can embark on a scientific journey as well. First, you'll use colorfully printed wooden panels to construct your own models of pepper's rocket ship experiment-and-play station and Mars Rover. Then, it's time for the experiments: from floating astronauts to magnetic slime, pepper mint accompanies you every step of the way! In seven cool and wacky experiments, you'll investigate magnetism as you Discover invisible magnetic fields with Iron powder, help pepper hover in the air using magnetic forces, control the Mars Rover with a bar magnet, and more. Just as with the other kits in the award-winning pepper mint line, your rocket ship and Mars Rover models can be used long after the fun of experimenting alongside this curious young engineer is complete. These models become the setting for infinite adventures and storylines — limited only by your imagination! Combine models from other pepper mint kits to embark on a truly extensive, fun (and educational!) playtime adventure.