Breyer Lionel 2020 Exclusive Flagship Horse

285 Reeves International, Inc.

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In the world of equestrian sports, there is perhaps no horse better suited to the Olympic disciplines of eventing, dressage, and show jumping than the Sport Horse. A term that refers to a type of horse instead of an individual breed, Sport Horses are typically a Warmblood or a combination of Warmblood and Thoroughbred bloodlines. Sometimes other breeds are added to the mix, which can create colorful Sport Horses like Lionel!

Lionel combines thee eye-catching coat pattern of the Appaloosa and the athleticism of the Thoroughbred and Warmblood. While Sport Horses are often tall in stature with strong bone and muscling, they also need to be agile. This natural agility is necessary for performing complicated dressage maneuvers, making tight turns and quick lead changes in show jumping, and handling the uneven terrain and natural obstacles found on a cross-country course.