Breyer Lily Care For Me Vet Set

285 Reeves International, Inc.

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Lily will delight the littlest horse lovers and future veterinarians as they learn through nurturing role play encouraged by this inviting play set. Set features Lily, an 11” high plush pinto sport horse, an ear light, syringe, grooming brush, hoof pick and stethoscope. Lily, a Super athlete yet a filly through and through, almost always wins that blue ribbon though her most favorite pastime is solving mysteries. She loves to visit the veterinarian to keep her healthy and fit. She lets the Vet know how much she enjoys her care. Groom her mane and tail with the grooming brush and hear her Sigh. Brush or pick her hooves with the hoof pick and watch her tail swish! place the stethoscope on her chest and hear her heart beat. Light shines to check ears! give her a shot in the shoulder with the syringe and hear her whinny.