Lil' Molly Duck Macaroon

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Lil' Molly Duck Macaroon

Our Lil’ Molly Duck Macaroon stuffed animal may be small but that won’t stop her from brightening up an entire room! With a bright eyed expression and lively colors, this sweet springtime baby is as warm and happy as a splash of sunlight! Let her engaging expression and uplifted wings tempt you into picking her up for a snuggle. Lil’ Molly is crafted in materials so soft and squeezable, they must be felt to be believed. Stretchy micro fiber fabrics give her a delightfully squishy feel while her plump form is rounded out with silky polyester fill. This playful plush Duckling is sized to be the perfect springtime basket stuffer. Though with such an endearing appearance, Molly’s sure to be a favorite throughout the year!

Dimensions: 5in