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Likewise is a lively party game where it pays to think alike! One player turns over a ‰ÛÏdescription‰۝ card and a ‰ÛÏsubject‰۝ card to create a zany category like ‰ÛÏGoofy‰۝ ‰ÛÏHairstyle.‰۝ Then each player writes something that fits that category on their paddle without showing anyone else. When everyone is done writing, players flip over their paddles to reveal their answers. The most matched answer wins the round! Think you know which ‰ÛÏOutrageous‰۝ ‰ÛÏCelebrity‰۝ your best friend would choose? How about which ‰ÛÏMysterious‰۝ ‰ÛÏCooking Utensil‰۝ or ‰ÛÏPathetic‰۝ ‰ÛÏPolitician‰۝? There are over 5,000 possible category combinations! The more you think like the other players, the more likely you are to win the game! Recommended for 3 to 6 players.Contents include 6 paddles, 6 dry erase markers, 71 description cards, 71 subject cards, scoreboard, die and stickers.