Inflatable Easel


$ 52.99 


Bring your little artists outside! Our Double-Sided Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Easel is wide enough for four kids (two on each side) to enjoy at the same time. They can collaborate on a painting together (think teamwork), OR race to see which side can complete a picture first. Perfect for play dates, birthday parties, or fun in the backyard with family. The possibilities for artistic and creative play are endless! This heavy-duty vinyl easel comes with eight tubes of paint, eight shaped sponges, and two paintbrushes. Convenient tray on each side of the easel has four holes to mix paint or to store art supplies. To clean, simply hose off the paint with a standard garden hose. Inflates easily with manual or electric pump (sold separately). Because paint can stain clothes and temporarily stain skin, we recommend wearing old clothes and using provided painting tools rather than fingers.