Hexbug Glow in the Dark Nano Starter Set


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Hexbug is a micro-creature toy robot inspired by BEAM technology. Hexbug has a few simple behaviors. Once switched on, Hexbug will move forward with a classic alternating tripod gait. If an obstruction touches either of the antennae, or if it detects a loud sound it will back up to the left and then continue forward. The name Hexbug, however, has more to do with the shape of the packaging it is sold in than the number of legs it has.

The nano series, which acts very similar to a bug in that it will flip itself over if it is placed on its back. It has an off-set motor in it which causes it to vibrate.

This starter kit contains everything you need to start your own HEXBUG nano habitat! It includes 1 Hexbug Nano specimen, and 3 easy connect pieces.