Hedgehog Haberdash

781 HABA Habermaass Corp

$ 25.99 

  • Every player gets an adorable little hedgehog who wants to dress up just like mom and dad. The race is on to be the first player to dress your hedgehog with seven leaves in the color that matches its glasses.
  • Will the player with the best memory win? A roll of the die instructs you to either pick a leaf (or 2) from the bag (with your eyes closed) OR you could roll a "wind".
  • When you pick your leaves, be sure to show everyone so they can see the colors on each side. If one color matches your glasses, place it in your hedgehog so that the matching color points up. If you don't have a match, you must place it in the hedgehog of another player with the color matching their glasses facing up.
  • If you roll a wind, that means the leaves are blowing around. Oh no! Select one leaf from another player's hedgehog, pull it out and show it to everyone. If it matches your glasses, you can keep it. If not, you must place it in another hedgehog with matching glasses.
  • The game ends as soon as one hedgehog is completely decorated with leaves in its color. (usually about 10 minutes). The game always plays with all 4 adorable hedgehogs (even if only 2 or 3 players. Yes, it is possible for a hedgehog without an owner to win!