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This hilarious game lets you challenge your friends to simple tasks that become outrageously difficult when players have to perform them wearing a pair of tiny hands!  There’s more than one way to play Handimonium.  First, teams compete to be the first to complete 5 tasks before the other team can complete the same tasks. Two players can also compete head to head. Most tasks involve simple actions that may require some household items (Can you fill a cup with water? Can you stack bowls in a dishwasher?). Another way to play is act out charade clues with your tiny digits and earn points by both giving and guessing clues. You’ll quickly find out how tricky seemingly simple actions can be when you’re working with hands that aren’t your own—and did we mention they’re really tiny! Game comes with two sets of tiny hands and 56 challenge cards. For 2+ players, age 13 and up. Colors and decorations may vary.