Glow 3D Planets


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  • THE ORIGINAL GLOW STARS: The Original Glowstars Company has been lighting up our nights for more than 30 years with the original stickers that first brought glow-in-the-dark wall décor to kids bedrooms.
  • PREMIER QUALITY: All Glowstars shapes are of the highest quality and perfect for decorating your child's bedroom, playroom, bikes, lunch box, school folders, furniture. . . etc.
  • BRINGING BEDROOMS TO LIFE: Create a stunning display for the day then at night the shapes produce a gentle glow - a portrait of the night's sky!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The Original Glow Stars 3D glowing planets set includes; the sun, moon and all recognized planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune). These are good sized 3D shapes made of plastic material. All Glow Star products are ready to stick using high quality self-adhesive pads on the reverse to stick the shapes on the ceiling or all around the room (so no messy glue or additional products are needed).
  • Package dimensions: 13. 4" H x 9. 4" W x . 6" D
  • The Original Glowstars are Distributed by Legler Toys USA Designed and suitable for ages 3+ years.