Breyer Forthwind, Unicorn

285 Reeves International, Inc.

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Forth wind is a young Unicorn with a pale icy blue coat, White mane and a golden horn and hooves. He hails from the frosty Northern climates where the Aurora borealis begins. Forth wind and his herd all share an icy, Frosty tinge to their coats, that comes from living in the arctic Tundra. But forth wind is a young Prince of his land and is known to all the creatures of the North as a kindly and warm leader with a keen intelligence and a merry sense of fun. Like many of the young unicorns in his herd, the young Prince is a trusted member of the borean guards whose job is to keep their lands safe and Secret from the humans that visit. But every so often, young visitors report the sound of thundering hooves, great gusts of icy blue wind and white footprints in the snow…a sign that forth wind has galloped by and marked their presence during his patrols!