Fleur K Doll - Tendresse - Large


$ 30.99 

Kaloo tendresse My first fabric doll Fleur K 12. 5” Soft plush figure in pink floral dress and bloomers with baby safe embroidered face machine washable For ages 0+. soft, baby-safe plush doll with multiple fabric textures for children of all ages. Fleury's adorable non-removable outfit includes a floral pattern dress, pink shorts, and a fuzzy pink hat. Machine washable and presented in a gift able display box with grosgrain ribbon handle. Size: 32 x 13 x 8. 5 cm (12. 6 x 5. 1x 3. 4 inches). About Kaloo: Kaloo is a French brand that has been specializing in the creation of luxurious, heirloom quality baby-safe soft toys and bedding accessories for the past 19 years. It prides itself in its quality, craftsmanship, and use of huggable, soothing textures and fabrics. The importance of imaginative play: Play is one of a child's earliest responses to the world around them but in a time of increasing academic pressure and the prevalence of digital entertainment, free, imaginative play is so often pushed to the side. Studies have shown, However, that giving children distraction-free time and access to classic, open-ended toys increases children's growth and development in multiple areas including brain development, social skills, motor skills, and more. Playing with dolls and stuffed toys helps both girls and boys feel secure and process the world around them-- many times children will use these toys to re-enact scenes from their day, practice interactions with friends, and create imaginative stories. Kaloo charming tenders' Dolls are an ideal Newborn gift that provides a constant companion and development catalyst as the child grows.