Fennec Fox CK

287 Wild Republic

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The Fennec fox lives in the desert regions of North Africa. Their ears themselves measure to be six inches long and are used to pinpoint insects under the sand and to keep cool in their hot habitat. They enjoy the Company of their friends and often live in packs of around ten or so to play and explore with. This Fennec fox plush toy is perfect for all ages and for any occasion. Teachers love having realistic plush in their classroom because of their dual functionality of a soft stuffed animal and education prop. At approximately 12 inches and being lightweight allows this plush toy be able to be taken anywhere with ease. Cuddlekins have the lifelike stuffed animal appearance due to the high-quality material they are created from. Wild Republic has been developing plush animals and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, with a specialization in realistic stuffed animals.