Do-a-Dot Art Brilliant Colors 6-pack

365 Do A Dot Art

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 For kids, imagination comes in all sorts of colors. Most of which aren’t in a box set. That’s why we help kids create their own colors, so that they can express themselves freely. Now, if you’ve been around kids, you’ve witnessed the magic of creative play, and the mess that sometimes comes with it. This is how Do A Dot Art came about. 25 years ago, Do A Dot Art was created by an enterprising full-time mom and part time preschool teacher. She invented a new mess-free way to let kids dip into all of the colors of their imagination. This special dot marker paint applicator was simple yet significant. Children were able to layer and blend colors like never before. They could fill large spaces, shapes, and create textures. Children loved the new art medium. Parents and teachers loved the finished projects: especially the easy setup and clean up. Do A Dot Art is the original dot art marker, and to this day mess-free painting for kids is revolutionary. Do A Dot Art continues to be a family run business that aims to make the world a more creative place one colorful dot at a time.