Diva Pup Haute Doggies

0134 Faber-Castell USA

$ 19.99 

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Pamper 3 different pooches with colorful paint, stickers, rhinestones, flowers, angel wings, vibrant bedding, and more. Make them as crazy or fashionable as you want! It’s important that young children develop necessary skills early in their life. Decorating these cute pups will help teach children hand-to-eye coordination, planning, preparation, artistic skills, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. These dogs come in a pet-carrier style box, making them easy to pack up and show off to friends or the judges at a dog show! You can even use your own craft accessories and ideas to decorate your puppies! Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has been creating safe, innovative products that meet or exceed U.S. safety standard as determined by independent laboratory testing. Our mission is to provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Our open-ended products offer fun-filled opportunities for children to create, learn, pretend, explore, and learn.