Disker Game Magnetic Space

477 DAM, LLC

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This Space Disker Game from Scratch Europe is our favorite new addition to active games!  Kids and adults will delight in tossing these cool feeling magnetic silicone disks at a round board to achieve the highest possible score.  The board can be laid on the ground or fixed to the wall. You can choose to play alone or in a group. The set consists of a round board and 3 magnetic disks covered in silicone that feel amazing! The game board handles make this game easy to take along. Guaranteed endless fun, indoors or out!

  • The Disker Game is a unique, original concept to active games!
  • Throw magnetic silicone disks at the round space-themed board to achieve the highest possible score.
  • Multiple board options: Lay it on the floor or hang it on the wall.
  • Play alone, in pairs or in a group!
  • Game board features easy-carry handles so you can take it anywhere!
  • Super easy to play and score for kids and grownups alike makes this game frustration free!
  • Set includes a round, space-themed game board with carry handles and 3 silicone diskers, each with 3 embedded magnets. 
  • Game board measures 23.5 inches in diameter.