Dino Science

425 Poof-Slinky

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Scientific Explorer Dino-Science Paleontology is for kids who dig dinosaurs. Literally. A junior paleontologist can unearth 16 bones from a block then use them to build a T-Rex skeleton model! Grow and hatch a baby dinosaur from an egg and trap a prehistoric insect in amber soap. Plus, there’s so much more to learn with fact-filled Scratch-and-Discover pop-out dino-cards. Includes Excavator Block with 16-Piece Skeleton Model, Brush, Plastic Insect, Dome Shape Soap Mold, Soap Blocks (5. 47oz/155g), Egg with Water Grow Dinosaur, 4 Scratch-and-Discover Pop-out Dinosaur Sheets, Mallet, Plastic Stylus and Activity Guide. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.