Deluxe Puffy Sticker Album - Day Of Glamour

205 Melissa & Doug

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The boutique is open - not it's time to sticker, sticker, sticker! 10 pages of beautiful rooms, display cases, mannequins and everything in between. Put your style on display! 196 stickers showcase fashion in puffy sticker format. Hats, glasses, dresses, pants, shirts, purses, wigs, hair accessories, shoes, jewelry, jackets... you get the picture. Store front with display cases begins this spiral-bound sticker book. Flip through a clothing boutique, accessories boutique, hair salon, nail salon, hats and wigs boutique, shoe department, fashion lounge, makeup counter and the elevator. Glittering stickers and oodles of details, it's a designers delight! Deluxe Puffy Sticker Album - Day of Glamour Spiral-bound, reusable sticker book for a fashion frenzy.