Breyer Cutting Horse & Calf

285 Reeves International, Inc.

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With lightning quick turns, bursts of speed, and raw equine talent, the fast-paced Western sport of cutting is as exciting to watch as it is to ride. Cutting evolved on cattle ranches in the American West, where ranchers would periodically need to separate cows from the herd for branding, vaccinations and other care. Modern cutting competitions give the horse and rider two minutes and 30 seconds to cut at least two cows from a herd. Once the selected cow is clearly separated from the herd, the rider must drop his or her hands and let the horse work on its own against the cow’s instincts to return to the herd. Classics are Breyer's most realistic junior collector line! Made of the same high quality materials as Breyer's Traditional Series, Classics are 1:12 scale and have authentic hand-painted details. Classics barns, riders and accessories feature contemporary styling to give horse-savvy girls the true-to-life horse details that they crave for active role-play! Age 4+.