Cross Clues Game

1035 Blue Orange

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  • COOPERATIVE PARTY GAME: This fun party game was developed to create a fun and cooperative environment for friends and family to play together! With thousands of possible word combinations, the fun never stops!
  • FAMILY AND FRIENDS FUN: Cross Clues is great for players ages 7 and up to cooperate and get creative to help fill out the grid! This game is best suited for players ages 7 and up
  • HOW TO PLAY: Create a grid of code words by setting up one row and one column of cards on the table. Then give each player cards that represents a location on the grid. Each location is a unique combination of one word from the column and one word from the row. Players must say a single clue that relates to both of their code words and then other players can guess the location of a player's card correctly
  • INCLUDES: 10 Axis Tiles, 25 Clue Cards, 50 Code Word Cards, 1 Sand Timer (5 Minutes), Illustrated Rules